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CIO Review Interview with CEO Atul Kumar

HR CIOReview 2019 Vendors: ClikSource: All-in-One Platform for Smarter Recruiting

ClikSource, has been featured in CIOReview’s 2019 list of vendors where Atul Kumar, CEO discusses ClikSource’s hiring platform and its impact on businesses.

“Often employers match a candidate and look into their resume, only to find the candidate fails to meet their expectations in the interview. This time-consuming process is made simpler through our AI and EI, providing 360° smart profiles of candidates that include video and relevant assessments designed to help them better brand themselves for employers” adds Kumar

Cliksource’s unique platform is already creating ripples in the market and has significantly improved the recruiting process, bringing in the appropriate and qualified potential candidates that employers are looking for. Businesses leveraging ClikSource can benefit from a significant return on investment, which includes a 30% increase in candidate acceptance rate, a 25% increase in quality candidates, a 30% reduction in cost per hire. In a nutshell, post-deployment of the ClikSource platform, the client’s conversion rate from interview to hire went up to 71%.

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