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Transform Technology Hiring with AI and EI

ClikSource transformed the hiring process of a high growth software company almost instantly, enabling their recruiters to more effectively find, attract, asses and screen top IT candidates.

Executive Summary
One of the leading companies in the computer software industry, responsible for engineering and supporting their customer technical architecture, infrastructure and cloud management, had a recurring need for high caliber IT talent to uphold these services that they were struggling to handle.

The Challenge
Current processes at this leading software company continually failed in identifying well-rounded candidates who were both a technical and cultural fit.

Budget was consistently being exceeded by 10+ recruiting tools (6 in sourcing alone) in addition to the lofty agency expenditures to source and vet top IT talent.

One of the company’s progressive HR leaders recognized the opportunity to modernize their talent acquisition practices, leveraging the ClikSource all-in-one on-demand recruitment platform.

In a severely fragmented hiring environment, ClikSource was able to consolidate their existing tools, streamline their hiring and empower IT Hiring Managers to collaborate with their HR counterparts. Hundreds of positions were now cycled through the ClikSource hiring engine. Talent was quickly identified, engaged, assessed and even screened all within a few clicks!

Both the company and their candidates jumped on the opportunity to brand themselves using the ClikSource 360 enriched profile builder. These enhanced insights helped bring a better understanding of both the role and the candidate.

When recruiting for a DevOps Engineer role, the software company recruiter ran a search in seconds resulting in over three hundred “high percentage” matching candidates. They shortlisted the top forty and our smart system immediately reached out on their behalf. Fifteen screens were scheduled within 48 hours of the initial search. Prior to screening the recruit gained access to all 360-degree candidate profiles involving a tech assessment score, personal video recording, and social media presence. Three candidates were pushed to the finalist stage where one ultimately accepted the offer. This entire process happened in less than 12 days!

The recruiter initially had heard back from five candidates on LinkedIn. Three of those five candidates finally decided on an initial screening call, two days after they secured their hire on the ClikSource platform.

About ClikSource
With ClikSource, recruitment has never been easier. Founded in 2018, hundreds of organizations rely on the ClikSource all-in-one, on-demand hiring platform to deliver a streamlined process for hiring managers and an exceptional experience for candidates. Utilizing a proprietary combination of artificial and emotional intelligence, ClikSource empowers users to regain time, reduce costs and recruit precisely. For more information, visit

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