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Improving the Recruiting Process Every Step of Way

A leader in financial services company, committed to keeping up with the pace of change, was struggling to hire the right people and keep up with the pace of the business’s technology recruiting needs.

Streamline and improve the recruiting process for a financial services giant that was in dire need of capable engineers, DevOps, and network admins to lead their digital transformation initiative and special projects task force throughout the company.

The company’s four existing sourcing tools did not provide anywhere near the quality of candidates they were looking for on a consistent basis.
None of the systems or resources employed focused on technical hiring, and the result reflected this.
Connection rates hovered below 5% on all platforms- recruiters were sending out tons of unreciprocated emails,
Text message and In-Mails.
Tracking candidates remained extremely challenging, with the limited pool who did connect not being receptive to quick screenings.
Scheduling remained manual and took large chunks of time.
There current structure had no reliable mechanism to gauge candidate technical proficiency.
Job descriptions failed to attract the right candidates and steer the recruiters in the right direction.
Tasked with a range of challenges, the ClikSource platform helped to keep this client ahead of the technology curve in several ways. First, the in-depth nature of the ClikSource 360 Degree Profile instantly improved search accuracy and lead to a more relevant candidate pool. The system went ahead and automatically prevetted matches, leading to only candidates interested being introduced to the client and auto-scheduled for an interview. The ClikSource system also managed and monitored the entire candidate engagement and scheduling process from beginning to end.

Overall, the client’s process was refined in the following ways:

Relevant tech assessment accompanied each new and ran a smart search through the system.
ClikSource did the heavy lifting and recommended 20+ candidates per role through a proprietary, blended algorithm.
Pre-vetted candidates were able to schedule interviews within one click from their desktop and mobile devices.
The system’s video and asynchronous interview capability saved a significant amount of time for both candidates and the client, effectively narrowing the candidate pool.
“Sourcing stage” to “Offer stage” reduced to an average of 20 days
Candidates were a better fit more engaged, improving screening hold rates to a high of 92%.
Candidate Acceptance rates increased by over 54%.
ClikSource enabled the client to eliminate two sourcing tools, one scheduling and one assessment resource with its all in one platform offering, automating and defragmenting their recruitment process.
88% of the client’s candidates gave a positive feedback score, enjoying the one-click apply and consistent status notifications.

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