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Why Assessments Matter

The Benefits of Assessments in Hiring and in the Workplace

We take tests our whole lives, so why should we keep taking them when we become adults? Turns out, assessments are a helpful tool in the workplace. Not only should you incorporate assessments into your workplace, but they’re very helpful during hiring as well. 

A Quick History of Test Taking

We take scholastic assessments to gauge our progress or to aid in placement into certain school tracts. From basic math and literacy skills to higher-level language and cognitive thinking, test-taking is a way of seeing how far we’ve come (or how much more we need to learn). 

Schools across the country now use assessments to test not only student achievement but also to test how well their teachers are doing in their jobs. School districts with students who don’t perform well on assessments can see funding cut, or courses restructured to better fit students’ needs. 

At the end of the K-12 cycle, students continuing to college use tests like the SAT and ACT to include with their applications. They can research colleges that tend to admit students with similar test scores, aptitudes, and interests. Testing plays a part in our learning journey as children and young adults, but it also should serve a purpose as we continue as adults. 

How Assessments Can Help You Hire Better (and Get Hired)

Testing can seem like a hassle if you’re already trying to balance a lot of other hiring tasks. But skills assessments can be an extremely helpful tool when it comes to sorting out potential new hires.

  • Use testing to make sure applicants are truly proficient in skills they would need for the job.
  • Assess applicants on past skills and in ways they might encounter to solve new problems in the future.
  • Save time by avoiding advancing candidates who don’t have the skills you need from your new employees.

For candidates, testing as a part of a job application process can show off your skills in ways that a basic resume or job history cannot. Even if your education or job titles are non-traditional in your market, you can still possess the aptitude and drive to succeed. If you can score well in assessment tests, you’ll show the company you could be a great addition to their team. 

At ClikSource, we use assessments as a built-in aspect of our candidate application system, to help both applicants and employers to make the best career choices. 

“Testing can be a benefit and a big time-saver for the employer,” says James Barr, VP of Business Development at ClikSource. “We’ve seen benefits on both sides of the equation, which is why we’ve made it a key component of our application design.”

Use Testing for Continuing Employee Education and Advancement

 In addition to assessing employees before they’re hired, you can use testing to help at other times during their tenure at the company as well. 

  • If you require employees to keep up on technical skills and trends in the industry, and you provide the tools for continuing education, like access to classes and educational initiatives, then you can also check in on their progress through assessments.
  • Testing can be a good tool for rating employees during promotion time, as much as evaluations, recommendations, and applications.
  • Use assessments for employees to self-evaluate their own progress in order to see where they might need to focus more time and education. This way, they can steer growth in their career and apply themselves to new skills and education, no matter where they are in the company roster.

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