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Video Job Interviewing Is the New Normal

Keep Your Hiring Process Moving Forward, Even During a Global Pandemic

Your entire company is working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, but you need to fill some key roles to complete time-sensitive work in the pipeline. What can you do when you don’t have an office for that in-person interview? Tapping into the power of a video interview as a part of a modern digital hiring process helps your company move forward at a time when you desperately need to pick up the pace.

Like in-person interviews, video interviews let an employer engage with a candidate and assess their personality fit — it just doesn’t happen in the same room.

Keep Up With the Pace of the Digital Workforce

Want a tech-savvy workforce? Start with a technical hiring tool. Whether you’re a tech company or simply a forward-thinking employer, using a digital tool for your recruiting needs, like ClikSource, shows you’re engaged with leading technology. With the modern workforce’s desire for remote workplace options (whether or not they’re currently mandated by state law or health protocols), using remote interviewing as a part of your hiring process shows your commitment to the modern tools of an online workforce.

Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and more have had their entire workforce working remotely since early March, but they’ve also moved their hiring processes to 100% digital as well.

According to a recent article by the Society of Human Resource Management, candidates who wanted to keep their spring interview slots with LinkedIn, for example, were told they could choose to use the company’s virtual interviewing options, or wait until (some unknown time later) an in-person interview was available. But why wait on a job you want to get? The smart choice is to get your foot in the door as fast as possible.

Use Video Interviewing to Keep Your Employees and Candidates Safe

Even if a candidate is in the same geographic area as a company’s (now remote) workforce, you don’t want to put the pressure of a safe and healthy in-person meeting on your already stressed HR staff. With a digital option, you maintain plenty of social distancing, while also allowing candidates to connect with your internal teams to see if there could be a good fit, both professionally and personally.

With the option of one-way interviewing, you provide candidates flexibility to choose when to record their answers to a variety of interview questions. Your internal team gets to review the video at their own pace as well, and keep the candidate’s application materials all together in a digital collection. Stress is low, options are plentiful, and your hiring process can continue, even during a time of major upheaval.

Get a Great Candidate Found and Hired Sooner, Rather Than Later

Around the world, companies are working harder to keep themselves afloat as almost every economy is changing. With the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone is eager to get back to work and move forward. If you keep your hiring plans on track with digital tools like ClikSource and our new turnkey product ClikSource Connect, you can stop worrying about waiting until the crisis is over to find, interview, and hire the right candidate, and get everyone back to work.

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