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How to appeal to candidates and keep them engaged

How to Keep Candidates Engaged

Finding and placing great job candidates is the goal of any recruiter, but with unemployment at a record lowpoint and plenty of openings to fill, it’s even harder to keep a potential recruit interested.

Here are simple ways you can engage, attract, and ultimately place all your candidates.

Check in with Frequent Touchpoints

After initial interviews with a new candidate, it just isn’t enough to let them sit and wait for a job alert. With unemployment so low, and many recruiters jockeying to represent the best local workers for choice openings, you are going to have to keep your name and face in front of workers frequently. But instead of having a thousand phone calls with no good news, make your touchpoints strategic to keep moving forward.

  • Has your candidate finished filling out all necessary forms and profiles?
  • Has the candidate completed a short resume video?
  • If they’ve finished everything, have you reviewed it? If they need to redo or improve, talk to them about what could make them stand out better to employers.
  • Could the candidate improve their chances with extra skills or certifications? How could they get these done quickly and easily?
  • What else would make them stand out in your market?

If they haven’t been placed or put forward for a position in a while, you can also talk to the candidate about areas where they might better fit. The promise of new roles and even a new career can light a fire under a candidate’s desire to leave an old job for a new one.

Listen Carefully and Reach Out with a Human Touch

With your regular touchpoints, you should also act as a thoughtful listener to your candidates. What are they hoping to find in a new job? Are they stressed or frustrated with the hiring process so far? If so, how can you make it easier or clearer so that they stick with you until they land a great job?

Some of the tips of great listening come from shutting off the “sales” part of your recruiter brain. (We know that can be hard!) It can be made easier by getting more one-on-one time with the candidates. Yes, this means you sometimes have to ditch email and phone calls, and get in front of the candidate for some new interactions.

Active listening is more than just waiting your turn to talk. It shows how much you care about their lives and future — something that every great recruiter should excel at.

“Your level of careful active listening in the early stages of getting to know your potential customer primes your future conversations,” writes Stephanie Chung at Inc. Magazine. “If your customer comes away having good feelings about you they will look forward to the next conversation with you.”

Ways to Actively Listen with a Candidate:

  • Have the candidate come in to the office and have a chat, or connect via a video call for a few minutes.
  • Meet them for a coffee or a quick walk around the block for a catch-up.
  • Look at their body language and assess how they’re feeling when they talk about their ideal job.
  • Do you know how the candidate feels about every potential aspect of a new job, from commute to compensation to long-term future?

More than just answers on a form, having real conversations with candidates helps you understand who they really are. With a more colorful picture painted, you can best help them land a great new position.

Make Your Automated Interactions Smart and Evenly Paced

Most candidates won’t mind a little automation if it makes their lives easier. A few auto reminders or tips don’t make them think you’ve passed them on to an impersonal experience. But too much of automated experiences can be a different problem.

Make sure your emails, texts, and otherwise automated updates are as personalized as possible to the candidate’s own recruiting journey. It’s also important to not flood a candidate with all the auto-responses at once. Take a look at your email plan and make sure you’re even-handed with personal reach outs as well as automated check-ins that keeps them coming back for new opportunities.

Increase Candidates’ Success with 360 Profiles

One great way to engage a candidate is to make sure they stand out in new ways with big employers. With so many applicants, tech companies can still afford to be picky even when unemployment is low. We offer great ways to stand out with our 360 Profiles for candidates, with video resumes and interactive features that really get to a candidate’s true personality — so much deeper than just a flat resume or application.

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