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Big Job Boards Not Better

Big Job Boards Aren’t Better Job Boards

Imagine: you’re looking for something seemingly simple – a new blue shirt. So you type “blue shirt” into your browser search bar and sit down to see what comes up. While scrolling through pages upon pages of search results, you start to get overwhelmed by the thousands of choices laid out in front of you. Instead of lots of results being helpful, it’s too much noise in your already busy life.

So it goes when you’re looking for a great new hire, as well. Put out the word that you’re hiring, and you’ll get dozens of applicants nearly instantly. When you use a big job board to put out the word on your job vacancy you’ll get thousands of applicants. But is more necessarily a good thing?

At ClikSource, we think that getting employers a quality list of finely honed candidates is far better than lots of “just ok” applicants.

“It’s a struggle to catch one qualified fish in a huge pond,” says Atul Kumar, CEO of ClikSource.  “It gets a lot harder when that pond is also full of a lot of unqualified fish.”

Refine Your Candidate Fishing With Better Equipment

ClikSource accesses a database of over 2.5 million candidates for our clients — a number that grows every day. With those millions of applicants, we’re able to help employers save time hiring by offering them those few ideal fish with every application. Our pond may be smaller than some big job boards, but the candidates we have in our database are of a much higher quality than those other guys.

ClikSource offers employers the chance to sort their candidates by many different levels of assessment, essentially culling down the list of potential new hires at every turn.

  • Not everyone looking to hire employees has an HR department, but everyone wants to save time when they’re hiring. Save time and effort through proprietary algorithm-based candidate profiling via the ClikSoure app.
  • Require candidates to take skills assessments before advancing through the interview process, ensuring that their aptitude and drive matches what you’re looking for in an employee.
  • Begin the interview process with video profiles provided by the candidates. They can respond to questions you provide, and let their personalities shine through. Your team can review these videos at a later time, avoiding the hassle of squeezing in first-round candidates to busy schedules.

All of these attributes make up the ClikSource app, and equal not only a fine-tuned list of highly qualified candidates, but a savings of your valuable time and effort when it comes to hiring.

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