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Identify engaged and qualified candidates faster

Organizations are spending huge amounts of budget in order to build or get access to candidate databases. The issue, however, is not the quantity of resumes in the market. The issue is about finding quality candidates. ClikSource is designed to help you address such issues.

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Engage through platform automation that is designed to differentiate a company brand and enhance the candidate experience
  • AI-based matching
  • Employer branding with company videos
  • Jobs with video descriptions
  • Automated messaging
  • Easy scheduling and interview management
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Qualify candidates through a wide array of comprehensive screening tools that help to identify the right candidates
  • Automated pre-screening
  • Proctored skill assessments
  • Asynchronous video interviewing
  • Live video interviewing
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Enrich your current recruitment technology through proprietary automated ATS Refresh technology
  • Candidate outreach
  • Database aggregation
  • 360° candidate profiles
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