Companies don't need more candidates;
They need the right candidates to fill their roles at the right time.

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Our Approach

ClikSource is a technology company focused on helping organizations identify and connect with quality candidates faster.

Attracting and Engaging Candidates.

A huge challenge for recruiters and hiring managers is attracting the right talent for their positions. We've designed the ClikSource platform to help companies consistently attract and land the right candidates.

Employer Branding with Company Videos

Robust capabilities help employers to convey their employer brand, communicate corporate values, and post videos that bring job descriptions to life.

360 Degree Profiles

Comprehensive view of candidates that utilizes video and skills modules to truly differentiate applicants from the pack.

Automated Messaging

In-platform employer and candidate alerts designed to keep all parties focused and on-task.

Focus on candidate quality above all else.

The average job opening for a mid-size company receives 250+ resumes. Unfortunately, the majority of those resumes are from candidates that are considered unqualified for the position. The proprietary ClikSource algorithm ensures that only qualified, engaged candidates move forward in the process, saving valuable time and money.

Skills Assessments

Proctored assessments and skill-based screening designed to help employers identify top level candidates.

Automated Pre-Screening

Platform pre-screens potential candidates and makes recommendations based on skills, company fit, and overall qualifications for the selected role.

Live Video Interviews

In-platform interview functionality allowing for employers and candidates to virtually connect.

One-Way Interviews

Understand a candidate's thought process through recorded, one-way video interviews that help assess organizational fit.

Accelerate the hiring process.

With huge amounts of back and forth, recruiters can spend 24+ hours screening resumes, days and weeks contacting candidates for interest, interviews, and logistics. ClikSource accelerates the hiring process by streamlining key hiring functions on the platform.

AI-Based Matching

Platform designed to sort and identify top candidates for open positions.

Easy Scheduling

One-click scheduling for on-site, live video, and phone interviews.

Workflow Automation

Elimination of redundancies with rapid, in-platform dispositioning that allows users to reject, shortlist, and hire candidates.

With the promise of results


reduction in time-to-hire:

  • Process automation
  • Improved ratio between total-to-qualified candidates


decrease in cost-per-hire:

  • Reduced resource allocation
  • Intuitive platform functionality


increase in applicant: hire ratio

  • Enriched profiles
  • Engaged and quality candidates

How it works


Allows you to attract, screen, qualify, and engage the right candidates through a single SaaS platform from search to hire

Multi-channel, multi device, cross platform | Easy integration with existing ATS/CRM system | Open API access | Custom implementation


Effective use of data provides meaningful insights at every stage of the hiring process, allowing users to make the right decisions

Resume fit score and ranking | Skill proficiency score | Hiring dashboard and reports


Leverages a unique combination of artificial and emotional intelligences to helps organizations find the right candidates faster

AI matching, assessment, and video qualification | Reduce attributes | Smart workflows | Sure Match


Easy to use, intuitive, uniform and contemporary user interface

Access anytime, anywhere | Web and mobile interface for both employers and candidates | Event triggers for easy movement through stages of the hiring process

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As soon as I started working with ClikSource, I saw how extremely efficient and reliable they were in deilvering top quality candidates. ClikSource targets exactly what you need and truly takes the guesswork out of hiring.

- Sergio Knircha, Senior Manager of HR, VFS Global

ClikSource is a very easy to use platform with great automation workflow. It has helped my team find qualified candidates faster, significantly boosting their productivity.

- Dev Singh , CEO AiRO Digital Labs

ClikSource Enterprise: All-in-One, On-Demand Hiring Platform


Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be extremely important for companies when it comes to making smart hiring decisions. But successful recruiting requires more than just good AI to find great people. Truly smart hiring also relies on the effective use of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to evaluate a candidate’s creativity, cultural fit, and interpersonal skills. Through a unique combination of AI and EI based tools, the ClikSource all-in-one, on-demand platform significantly reduces time and cost per hire for employers.

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Powerful Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Using intelligent sourcing and dynamic screening, the ClikSource platform employs a proprietary AI algorithm to connect employers with the right candidates instantly.
It Starts with Smart Sourcing
Expansive, growing, and updated database of 2.5 million tech professionals ensure that employers are sourcing from the best possible candidate pool and auto-recommends the most qualified and engaged candidates based on job descriptions, skills, and profiles associated with a position.
Hiring Has Met Its Match
ClikSource combines Natural Language Processing and Intelligent Automation to gather and parse significantly more candidate attributes, resulting in improved data and matching accuracy.
Beyond the Filter
Multi-faceted dynamic screening allows employers to search candidates by skills, job description, or use resume cloning to find the best possible matches.
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Emotional Intelligence Capabilities

Interactive video components and smart assessments allow employers to better evaluate a candidate’s creativity, cultural fit, job-related and interpersonal skills, and more. Using intelligent sourcing and dynamic screening, the ClikSource platform employs a proprietary AI algorithm to connect employers with the right candidates instantly.
The New Face of Resumes
360° Smart Applicant Profiles go way beyond the traditional resume with candidate branding that not only helps employers get to know a candidate, but also greatly improve hiring and retention rates.
Video Killed the Job Description
Video-enriched job descriptions allow employers to add videos that more effectively brand the company and open job requisitions, resulting in improved candidate understanding and quality of applicants.
Assessing How They Walk the Talk
650+ Proctored Skills Assessments can be easily selected, scheduled, and incorporated into 360 Smart profiles upon completion.