Streamline virtual hiring
with ClikSource ConnectNow.

Remote Collaboration.

Video Screening.

Virtual Hiring.

When it comes to virtual hiring, timing and speed is everything. Whether companies have recurring hiring cycle challenges or a new venture that requires high volume hiring, the process needs to be fast and easy. ClikSource ConnectNow is a turnkey digital platform that makes it simple for companies to remotely engage with interested applicants, conduct video screens and interviews, and virtually hire qualified candidates.

Our Approach

Remote Collaboration

Easily connect in-platform with candidates to review resumes and schedule one-way video or live video interviews.

Video Screening

Better assess candidates in-platform through one-way video interviews or through live video interviews.

Virtual Hiring

Deliver instant, in-platform feedback and easy transfer successful candidates to onboarding.

The ClikSource ConnectNow Advantage:

  • Limits the need for travel costs or face-to-face interaction when interviewing potential candidates.
  • Creates a structured screening method for companies regardless of whether hiring is recurring or cyclical.
  • Eliminates needless back and forth time spent scheduling and rescheduling candidate interviews.
  • Reduces the overall cost/hire through efficient management of the interview process.
  • Cuts overall screening time for positions through in-platform one-way interviews that narrow candidate pools significantly.

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